About Us

Our Story

Founded with the vision to redefine multi-family real estate investment, Amplify Capital Group is committed to delivering substantial returns for our investors while enhancing the quality of life for our residents. With our combined years of industry expertise and a focus on due diligence, we strive to exceed the standards of the investment landscape.

Mission Statement: We are on a mission to amplify investors' returns and residents' quality of life by providing clean, safe, reasonably priced housing.

Core Values

At Amplify Capital Group, we are A-M-P-E-D about fulfilling our mission through our five core values:

  • Ambitious Growth

    We set high goals and push the boundaries of what's possible, always seeking new opportunities to maximize the success of our investors and partners.

  • Meticulous Expertise

    Every investment is approached with meticulous attention to detail. Our deep industry knowledge ensures that each decision is made with precision and care.

  • Proactive Innovation

    Staying ahead of the curve, we constantly seek innovative solutions and adapt to market dynamics to optimize returns for our stakeholders.

  • Exceptional Trust

    Trust is earned through transparency and reliability. We value our investors' trust and work tirelessly to maintain it through open communication and the highest ethical standards.

  • Diversified Portfolios

    We believe in the power of diversification to mitigate risks and enhance returns. Our carefully managed and diversified investments provide a solid foundation for long-term success.

Meet The Team

Brian Fischer


Brian Fischer holds the esteemed position of Principal at Amplify Capital Group, where he plays a significant role in steering the organization towards its strategic goals. Brian's leadership is key in guiding the team and overseeing various operational aspects of the company.

His role at Amplify Capital Group involves a multidisciplinary approach to handling the intricacies of real estate investment, from identifying opportunities to implementing strategies that align with the company's mission and core values, collectively known as "AMPED."

Brian is recognized for his capacity to foster a culture of excellence within the organization. He is committed to upholding the company's mission to amplify both investor returns and the quality of life for residents in the properties managed by Amplify Capital Group.

His approach to business combines strategic planning with focused execution, aiming to meet and exceed investor expectations.

Educational and professional credentials, industry-specific certifications, and other qualifications add to his credibility and proficiency in the field, further strengthening his role as a leader in the company.

Outside of his professional life, Brian maintains a balanced lifestyle and has interests that enrich his perspective and contribute to his overall well-being.