Our Strategy

Our strategy is a meticulous process that identifies properties with untapped potential. We amplify the value through calculated improvements and professional management.

Our Approach:

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    Market Research

    We perform comprehensive, data-driven studies to identify markets with strong fundamentals and growth potential, carefully analyzing demographic trends, job growth, and economic stability.

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    Asset Selection

    We follow rigorous criteria for choosing properties with untapped sustainable income and appreciation potential.

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    Value-Add Initiatives

    Strategic operational initiatives and investments in property enhancements to drive appreciation.

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    Risk Mitigation

    Thorough market, physical and financial due diligence allows us to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring that our investments align with our commitment to protecting and growing wealth.

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    Structuring Deals

    We negotiate and structure deals to optimize returns and align with our investment objectives.

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    Asset Management

    We leverage technology, proven systems, and the best management companies to deliver a quality home experience for tenants, which in turn leads to predicable cash flow and appreciation.

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    Community Building

    Engaging residents to create a sense of belonging and inclusion in each community.

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    Transparency and Communication

    Clear and open communication is at the heart of our approach. We keep our investors and partners informed every step of the way, fostering trust and confidence.

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    Exit Strategy

    When the time is right, we execute our exit strategy, which may involve refinancing, selling, or continuing to hold properties to maximize returns. We know our exit strategy before an investment is made.

Investment Criteria

Transaction Size

$5 million to $25 million +

Asset Type

Class C to B+ multifamily garden-style properties that offer sustainable income and appreciation potential.

90+% occupied assets capable of obtaining long-term debt

Asset Vintage

Late 70’s and newer properties

Property Size

50 – 250 Units

Value Add Opportunity

Potential for value enhancement through strategic management and/or renovations

Ratios and Exit

Capable of achieving 6-8% cash on cash return at takeover, 15% - 22% ARR

A debt coverage ratio of 1.5

3-7 year hold times

Target Markets

Primary and emerging markets nationwide.

Within these markets, we focus on sub-market qualities of C to B+